Residential Cameras

Check your children, elderly loved ones, pets and property, from any location using your PC or an Internet Equipped Cell Phone or PDA. Just log on a specially designated secure Internet site using a PC and instantly access your camera images. You can even control the camera using your web browser to move the camera’s pointing direction and modify its digital zoom to bring objects of interest into close view. View the things you value when away from home or when you’re in another room in your home. You can even listen in! We utilize wired or wireless technology. Your camera can be set to automatically record video at certain times and certain speeds with optional, external sensors attached to the camera. You can receive email alerts advising you to view your cameras or record when triggered by motion, sound, light, a timer, or by pushing a button.

  1. Full-Screen Button: Click to view the image in 4:3 full-screen mode or return to normal mode; full screen display.
  2. Layout Button: Changes the number of cameras displayed.
  3. View Type Selector: Switches the display to a different set of cameras.
  4. Refresh Rate Selector: Determines how often the camera image is refreshed. Select [MPEG-4] or [MJPEG] to view video images, or one of the other settings to view still images (JPEG format) that are refreshed only periodically.
  5. Image Resolution Selector: Determines the resolution of the image (i.e., the size of the image in pixels) that is displayed.
  6. Snapshot Button: Captures a still image and saves it on the PC.
  7. Camera Name: Click to view the selected camera’s image in a new window.